Episode 108 Bans on High Capacity Magazines

In this episode of Guns Explained, host Cameron Porter gets you started on understanding the possible effects and implications of a national ban on high capacity magazines. He discusses whether such a ban would result in fewer gun deaths, both in relation to violent crime in general, and specifically in regards to mass shootings.

What the conversation boils down to is that if there is any impact on gun deaths from a high capacity magazine ban, it’s small enough that it is swallowed up by other variables. When averaging the violent crimes in states that have high capacity magazine bans with states that do not, the states that have them show higher violent crime rates.

Cameron suggests that for those interested in conducting further research, a good place to start would be to chart the violent crime rates specifically for those states before and after their bans went into effect, and see what the rates do. Comparing that with violent crime rates in other states over the same time periods would provide a more accurate understanding of the potential effects of a nationwide ban on high capacity magazines.

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