Episode 120 What Does the 2nd Amendment Mean?

What does the 2nd amendment actually say? How can two people look at the same text and come away with completely different conclusions? In this episode of Guns Explained, we conduct a textual analysis of the 2nd Amendment to clear the air and help move the debate in a more productive direction.


Episode 119 Testing a Gun Before You Buy

In this episode we highlight range days and how they can help prospective gun buyers test out a gun before they buy them. We went to Smith and Edwards Fourth Annual Range Day at Three Mile Creek Shooting Range to test out a few for ourselves. Be sure to look for upcoming range days near you!

Episode 116 Utah County Swat Team Member Reviews Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation

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Guns Explained reviewes some of the different scenes of Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation that displayed firearms in this video.

We then asked Detective Jeff Tracy of Utah County’s Metro Swat Team to tell us what he thinks about the accuracy portrayed by the firearms in this movie. He was very informative as well as understanding of what the film is trying to accomplish as far as entertainment and Hollywood goes.