About Guns Explained

The “Guns Explained” team produces weekly episodes of a web series available across social media covering all topics related to firearms, with an emphasis on those topics of which an understanding is required for productive debate to be possible. Guns Explained is not about convincing people one way or another about guns; it’s about taking fear and politics out of the discussion so that reason, empathy, and understanding can make the discussion more productive.

Robin Hood Studios is the production company behind “Guns Explained”. At Robin Hood Studios, we believe that by telling the right stories, we can make the future brighter. We do that by producing informative content, entertainment, and corporate projects. We believe that “Guns Explained” fits perfectly into our mission statement.

The showrunner for “Guns Explained”, Cameron Porter, has been actively producing videos for nearly 10 years. He recently completed a contract to produce an entire season of a weekly political talk show airing locally in Utah on ABC4. He has produced and directed a feature film, several short films, an 18-episode comedic web series, and hundreds of client videos.

The “Guns Explained” team also includes Mason White and Nathan Paulsen. Mason is a Senior at Weber State University majoring in Digital Media, and is in the Utah National Guard. His diverse and impressive background make him a perfect fit for Guns Explained. Nathan is also studying at Weber State University, but is studying Electrical Engineering. Nathan is a gun enthusiast and has an in-depth understanding of how guns operate and a personal interest